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The psychological aspect of flying no one has ever told you about!

Benefit From All Of The Emergencies That Coach Mark Has Experienced
During His 40 Year Flying Career

The key is to learn how to remain more objective and not subjective
when flight emergencies arise.

  For example:  If you lose power in a single engine, assuming you are following emergency procedures for that aircraft, it is your psychological and emotional state that will decide the outcome. I can teach you how to slow down your inner time so that you can stay ahead of the descending aircraft. No Denial, No Panic, just very objective, rational and precise decisions. You will be on the ground very shortly, so let's do it in one piece.

Coach Mark, a 40 year veteran pilot and advanced ground instructor spent 25 of those years as an active CFI single and multi-engine. He specializes on how to survive inflight emergencies, overcome fears, and confidence issues, which will greatly enhance the beauty, excitement and pleasure of flying.

I have recently partnered up with a gentleman who is an instructor pilot in the USAF reserves. He instructs future fighter pilots how to handle emergencies in high-performance complex aircraft. He also possesses an ATP and CFII, and has experience in flight safety and accident investigation and teaches at Embry Riddle.
All coaching sessions are by phone and are always confidential.

Phase 1 Curriculum
Inflight Emergencies and Confidence Issues for Pilots

How to cope with the “denial syndrome” which happens to some pilots with the onset of inflight emergencies. This is also known as the Ostrich Treatment (putting your head in the sand).
 Learn how to navigate through fear and confidence issues such as:
  • Fear of Turbulence and Cross-wind Landings
  • Fear of Weather
  • Fear of Becoming Lost
  • Fear of Communicating
  • Fear of Engine Loss
  • How to Remain Calm and Avoid Panic in Emergency Situations - Panic is Your ENEMY!
  • How to Differentiate between Respect for Your Equipment, the Weather, and Your Fears
  • How to Make Go or No Go Decisions Easier

Enjoy your flying so much more by reducing the fear level, enabling you to appreciate this magnificent and beautiful gift that gives you a freedom that non pilots will never have. I can help you take this freedom to the next level!

I can give you the “tools” over the phone which will enable you to remain calm and to slow down your inner time so that proper and rational flight decisions can be made in difficult situations.

Don't let anything stand in your way from becoming a much safer and confident pilot.

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Coaching fee: $45.00 per hour
Available 24 - 7

Good Pilots Plan Ahead; Great Pilots Follow Through With Their Plans

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